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Join us for our Los Angeles play readings, focused on exploring the work of new playwrights connected to our mission. We aim to discover new exciting pieces that speak to the social issues in our communities and history, and to have them told by talented artists with creative vision. We also use our reading series to discover stories for possible CAB productions. Do you have a play that you would like to submit for consideration four our Reading Series? Please send us an email with your work!

FEBRuary 2019 reading




Written by Zora Howard and directed by Keiana Richard.

The Tucker women are up early to prepare a very important meal, or at least that's what Mama says. But as the day wears on, past hurts and old resentments boil to the surface, making a mess of everything. STEW explores the substance of that special stuff passed between kinswomen and how the secrets we keep from our mothers eventually become the secrets we keep from ourselves. 

JAnuary 2019 reading



tHymele arts, hollywood


Written by the talented Aurin Squire and directed by our Keiana Richard, BEASTS is a unique and necessary piece of storytelling.

When a tent city of homeless people are given a 3-day eviction notice by the government, they must scramble to find a way to escape the encroaching bulldozers that will destroy their encampment.The setting is Palo, Alto, California. But really the location could be many cities throughout America with homeless encampments on the outskirts. This tent city is affectionately referred to as ‘Camp Hell.’

Although this work is fiction, the scenario presented is a common occurrence. The criminalization of urban homelessness has scared many people into woods, abandoned lots, and parks. Once situated away from the public eye, instinct kicks in: communities are formed, relationships blossom, a daily routine establishes itself. 
These fascinating characters are vibrant and complex people who have pieced together a life. There is humor and vitality amidst the hunger,loss, tragedy and betrayal.

The talented cast included Carlton Byrd (Taurus), Walter Belenky (Berg), Lisa Dring (Zo), Mildred Marie Langford (Simone), Chaz Hodges (Sissy) and Desean Terry (Getty).

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