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Join us for our monthly Los Angeles play readings, focused on exploring the work of new playwrights connected to our mission. We aim to discover new exciting pieces that speak to the social issues in our communities and history, and to have them told by talented artists with creative vision. We also use our reading series to discover stories for possible CAB productions. Do you have a play that you would like to submit for consideration four our Reading Series? Please send us an email with your work!





Saturday, August 31st - 2pm

Sunday, September 1 - 2pm

VS Theatre

5453 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019

Written by Zora Howard and directed by Justin Emeka.

STEW is a beautiful and compelling piece about the Tucker women who are up early to prepare an important meal. But as the day wears on, past hurts and old resentments boil to the surface. This play explores the substance of that special stuff passed between kinswomen and how the secrets we keep from our mothers eventually become the secrets we keep from ourselves. Following the success of her film, Premature, in which Zora co-wrote and starred, we are certain that you will be moved by STEW.

The heart of Collaborative Artists Bloc’s mission is to develop and present diverse stories to a broader audience that promote empathy, conversation, and ultimately a call to action in all capacities that resonate true to you.

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